Business Standards
We adhere to ethical business principles: integrity, openness, reliability, social responsibility, respect for both Russian and international laws and regulations, and environmental protection.
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Who We Are

About Us

about1Avalon Group implements a number of projects in key economic sectors. It manages considerable financial assets offering unique opportunities to its partners and investors to reach ambitious goals in both the fast growing CIS and world markets.

What Makes Avalon Group the Right Choice?

  • A proven and trusted joint venture partner;
  • Over 20 years of experience operating in the Russian and CIS markets;
  • A strong and committed team of professionals;
  • A truly pan Russian scale with experienced local teams;
  • Highly focused expansion plans and project selection criteria;
  • Highly transparent business model and systemized business planning;
  •  Consistent core values in a dynamic market.


Business Standards

about3Our business is very dynamic amid changing conditions, risk factors, opportunities, and possibilities. However, our basic values remain unchanged. This is our all-time formula for stability and success.

Our Core Values

We are committed to long term partnerships built of trust and integrity.

We believe our word is our honour. Our reputation is a direct result of thoughts and actions of our employees and shareholders. We respect each other’s rights and beliefs and endeavour to always do the right thing.

We accept personal responsibility for delivering our services and products to our customers and consumers to meet their demands. We are accountable for our actions and the impact they have on our Company’s development and growth.

We believe that good leadership involves responsibility for the groups’ welfare and encourages everyone’s growth. We are all leaders in our own right determined that we can make a change, we can be the best and we will achieve.

Social Responsibility 
Over 20 years of experience have taught us that our further business success is connected with the society welfare. We believe in the future of Russia and are proud to contribute to our country evolution.


Our Management and Team

about2People are the key for business success. Our international team of professionals has more than 1000 highly qualified specialists contributing to the realization of the business projects in different entrepreneural spheres.


Our History

about4Our history is experience which accounts for future achievements rather than just dates.

1991 – Company founded.
1991 – Import and export operations.
1993 – A number of joint venture projects were realised with international partners in the fields of trade marketing and distribution of consumer goods for the markets of Russia, Ukraine & Belarus.
1995 – The formation of a joint venture company together with a multinational tobacco corporation. 
1998 – Business realignment and restructuring with the formation of Avalon Group and its management structure.
1998 – Investments in storage facilities.
2000 – Launch of our national tea brand and the investment project in the tea processing and packaging plant.
2002 – Expansion of the business activities creating new legal entities to deliver to the market place IT solutions and integrated contract logistics services.
2003 – Avalon Group together with its Indian partner established a joint venture holding company to manage the business interests within the consumer goods sector.
2004 – Market entry to the commercial real estate sector through the acquisition of land plots for the future development of logistics parks.
2006 – The creation of a joint venture project together with a leading British property investment company to realize the Megalogix project in contract logistics services.
2009 – Megalogix warehouse complexes and logistic business sold to a strategic investor.
2009 – Establishment of Avalon Development company.
2011 – Kickoff of a project aimed at launching innovative functional beauty and health products in the Russian market.