Avalon Group —
Project Investment Holding

Property development
Commercial property development solutions, investment into advanced architecture designs, embracing innovation in both materials and technology.
LED Technologies
Research & development, production and distribution of a wide range of LED-based products. Design and development of outdoor street, city landscaping, architectural, office and industrial lighting solutions. Special attention and approach is taken for the projects, which require special working conditions and regimes.
FMCG: Market Entry and new product launching
Market entry planning and access to the Russian FMCG market sector through proven distribution channels and targeted channel marketing. We develop and offer to our key clients and investors proven, smart and efficient solutions with a clear focus on cost and implementation time delivering significant weighted market share and the access to further growth opportunities.
FMCG: Tea Production
Creation of unique tea offerings with end-to-end total supply chain management. Innovative packaging design and product formats, in house fully automated manufacturing, marketing, logistics and distribution support.
Our mission is to create and develop successful business projects in the most perspective sectors of the economy.