Formula of Success
We offer high quality goods and services at fair prices that are sufficient for continuous growth of the Company, decent remuneration for our employees, and satisfaction of our investors’ and shareholders’ interests.
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What We Do

Investment Group

1Avalon is a Russian investment group with business interests in the following sectors:

In our operations, we advocate long-term and mutually beneficial partnership and guarantee business transparency and consistent quality standards. We have adequate experience and competence to cooperate with our domestic and foreign partners.


Managing Company

2The main objective of Avalon as a managing company is to identify promising business areas and on their basis create new assets with potential for long-term growth. First and foremost, our company is interested in start-up companies operating in the following sectors in which our company has expertise:

To achieve successful results, it is important to address problems in a comprehensive manner. That is why we not only provide financing, but also apply our business management experience and professional knowledge to our projects.


Property Development

3Investment in property and comprehensive property development are the most important areas of Avalon Group’s operations that serve as a basis for the Company’s financial stability and long-term development. Over the past ten year, we have implemented a whole range of projects for institutional quality property.

Our project portfolio is constantly growing and replenished with new interesting facilities. All our projects are characterized by high design, construction, and operation standards. Our distinguishing features are creative approaches, original ideas, and attention to every detail.



4In the field of distribution, Avalon’s objective is to create a large consumer market operator having a developed sales network and a competitive national and international brand portfolio.

Avalon Distribution has operated since 1998. Headquartered in Moscow, it has a well-developed affiliated network with a direct operational coverage of the key CIS cities. Focused on innovative functional products, the Company’s brand portfolio is maintained and developed by more than 400 Russian and foreign marketing and sales experts.


Consumer Goods

5Avalon Group’s consumer market objective is to create a vertically integrated system to manage consumer brands:

  • brand creation and development
  • production
  • efficient marketing and distribution system

This goal is being attained in cooperation with both Russian and foreign producers.