Avalon Group — investments into the future

Avalon Group is a proven and trusted business partner open to new business relationships that are mutually beneficial and deliver fruitful cooperation based on trust and respect. Our priorities are dynamic sustainable development benefiting from the modern market opportunities, looking for innovative solutions, new projects and perspective markets. We believe in openness and honesty with our clients and business partners and take full responsibility for the work we undertake. We advise our partners to invest only into those projects that we are ready to invest our own funds. We continuously expand our presence on the market and are always open to new investors and business partners.
Our principles
Our key competency is selecting the most promising business opportunity, developing and maximizing the potential of the chosen industry through setting clear achievable goals coupled with the most efficient use of resources and effective management.
We develop only those projects that are in demand today and will be relevant in the future. Our experts monitor changing trends, current market requirements and new trends in the global business environment. Only then we design our approaches to the project delivery and adapt ourselves to the conditions of an ever-changing environment.
All projects of Avalon Group are “best in class” for their respective industries. Using a combination of innovative technologies, scientific developments and effective management, we achieve the highest industry standards and contribute to future trends.
Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals, who are the experts in their fields with a valuable experience of working on the international markets. Each of them has the opportunity to master their skills and creativity within our project portfolio by creating advanced solutions for the business of our clients, fulfilling the tasks completely and in a timely manner.
Our values
Each of our team members assumes full personal accountability for the quality of the goods produced and/or services provided. They also take ownership for their actions and consequences for our business partners, customers, society and the company itself.
True leadership is an effective teamwork that allows realising full potential, individual abilities, ambitions of each team member as well as the team as a whole to achieve the highest goals. Avalon Group is a team of leaders in different areas of expertise who together contribute to the continuing success of the company.
Business reputation
Impeccable business reputation is the key asset of the Avalon Group. This is a direct result of our conscientious work attitude, transparent intentions and ability to keep, and deliver upon, our word.
Social development
Through the delivery of each project we are aware of our contribution to the development of society, improvement of the quality of life and the wellbeing of our citizens. In part, we are developing and building the future.
  • We are a partner you can trust.
  • We have a strong and motivated team of professionals.
  • We have a targeted investment strategy and proven expansion model.
  • We have consistency of our basic values and integrity in a changing business environment.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience in the Russian market and CIS countries.
  • We conduct our activities on an international level with a direct presence in the key cities of CIS countries.
  • We have a clear and systematic approach, well-balanced planning and transparent business model.
Our history
Avalon Group was founded in 1991 specializing in foreign trade activities and distribution of FMCG goods. During the first seven years, the company concluded a number of exclusive distribution agreements and entered the international level. It opened several joint ventures with multinational companies and international investors.

Since 1998, Avalon Group has become an investment holding operating on a project basis with a number of strategic directions: real estate development, marketing, production and distribution of consumer goods and logistics service provision.

In 2016, Avalon Group started investing in R&D, production and sale of LED products. A year later, this activity was expanded with the designing, construction and installation of landscape, architectural, street, office and industrial lighting systems.

We are continuously and dynamically growing and are open to the development of new business directions. Being a part of the modern digital economy we are preparing to launch several promising and innovative start-ups in this area.